In the UK, only one in every 400 paper coffee cup is recycled. Starbucks is partnering with Frugalpac, a manufacturer of recyclable cups made entirely from recycled paper, to help combat this wasteful dilemma. The trial launched last week, possibly leading to the use of these Earth-friendly containers in franchises all over the world.

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Frugalpac, founded by engineer Martin Myerscough, aims at providing a better alternative to conventional paper cups. Every year about 58 billion paper cups end up in landfills or are incinerated worldwide. Most cups involve paper treated with waterproofing chemicals, making them difficult to recycle. Frugalpac feature a thin, plastic liner lightly glued inside a 100 percent recycled paper cup. They claim recycling centers can easily separate the materials and recycle each on its own.

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According to The Guardian, a Starbucks spokesman said, “We are very interested in finding out more about the Frugalpac cup and we will be testing it to see if it meets our standards for safety and quality, with a view to trialling its recyclability.” Myerscough is reportedly in contact with various coffee shops and grocers, which could lead to a revolutionary shift away from wasteful convenience to more environmentally-friendly libations.


Via The Guardian

Images via Flickr, Frugalpac