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Blue Moon Rising resort is located in McHenry in western Maryland, and it’s dedicated to nature and sustainable education. Located just above Deep Creek Lake, the 15-acre site boasts views of the water along with hiking trails, event space, and waterfront access. Guests can take out kayaks, canoes, and pedal boats to enjoy being on the water. Guests can also take a variety of wellness and sustainable education courses like yoga, meditation, guided hikes, and much more. The goal of the resort and development was to provide guests access to the environment in a safe and removed location, while also minimizing their impact on said environment. During construction, any tree that was cut down was reused somewhere else in the project.

Guests of the eco resort can stay in one of 14 prefab micro-cabins, which are also refereed to as Waldens. The tiny cabins were built in nearby Cranesville, MD by Hobbitat, led by Bill and Sue Thomas who have building in the area for 15 years. The cabins are built from reclaimed, recycled and local materials, including yellow pine from the Andrew Carnegie Locomotive Building in Pittsburgh and doors and windows from a great old home in the Baltimore area. Each cabin is totally unique and prefabricated within a climate-controlled shop to help minimize waste, damage and built to the highest standards without the threat of weather. Besides the use of reclaimed/recycled materials, each Walden cabin has a tight thermal envelope, efficient heating and cooling systems and built to withstand snow loads. Hobbitat’s cabins are built in seven weeks; they come to the site fully constructed and cost anywhere from $45,000 to $100,000.

Blue Moon Rising’s Center for Sustainable Education is open this Summer of 2013 and will begin offering up the Walden cabins for rentals and vacations starting in the Fall of 2013.

Images ©Blue Moon Rising and Hobbitat