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Located near Bracebridge, Ontario adjacent to a lake, the Stealth Cabin is a pleasant mix of traditional and modern design. The owners were torn between wanting a traditional log cabin and a modern one, so Superkül came up with a design that mixes the two styles with lots of warm wood and more contemporary lines. The cabin was built from sustainably-sourced and untreated cedar boards and shakes. Over time, the wood will weather and gray to blend in more with the surrounding forest. Respecting the surrounding land, Superkül sited the home to avoid cutting down trees or moving rocks and it enjoys great views out into the forest and to the lake.

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Inside the Stealth Cabin, visitors will find an ample sized open kitchen dining and living room with high ceilings. In addition, the home features a creative layout and cozy nooks to create an inviting space. Visitors will also find a mud room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a flexible summer room that can be enjoyed during warmer months. Large windows and skylights provide lots of daylight and natural ventilation provides fresh air without the need for air conditioning. Designed for all four seasons, the home stays plenty warm in the winter with the help of a high efficiency fireplace.

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