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The structure is made from reusable steel, which serves as the primary structural system, and bamboo cladding. The inner projection screen was made from recycled materials, while bamboo sections were incorporated into the flooring. Construction materials were locally sourced, significantly reducing transportation carbon footprint.

The steel structure was specially designed to make the entire object appear as a glowing object suspended in the air which floods visitors with images and lighting effects. It is meant to inspire prayers for the future and create a surreal experience that represents the endless cycle of life. The structure features a shifting inclination to create more dynamic viewing point and augment the experience.

The triangular plan of the Ring of Celestial Bliss incorporates the logo of the sponsor, Delta Electronics. Inspired by Taiwan’s culture and using local technology and materials, the design celebrates the spring Lantern Festival and conveys the message of the old Chinese saying –“Blessings as high as the sky.”

+ 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival

Via Archdaily