Stewart+Brown is an apparel company with the tagline of “organic pioneers”. While they weren’t the first to embrace organic cotton, we believe in some ways they truly are pioneers. Years ago when we began searching for some organic cotton products that spoke to us we came up empty handed. Then along came Stewart+Brown. They saved organic cotton jersey from the boxy, standard t-shirt form that it seemed destined to remain in. And they actually had a website that was more appealing than the Sears catalog. Stewart+Brown liberated organic cotton in a big way by making casual clothes sustainable and stylish for those eco-friendly folks who may not always be climbing mountains or doing yoga.

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The company was created in 2002 by the husband-and-wife team of designer Karen Stewart and brand guru Howard Brown, alumni of Patagonia and Urban Outfitters, respectively. Each Stewart+Brown collection, at an elemental level, is a fusion of experiences and insights filtered through their creative core and rendered into their own unique and personal aesthetic. While organic cotton formed the backbone of the company Stewart+Brown continues to branch out into other fabrications.

They use only Mongolian resources to produce their cashmere collection, thus providing nomadic Mongolian herders with the resources necessary to sustain their centuries old heritage and ultimately their survival. They also use hemp, linen, lyocell and surplus fabrics. The company is a member of “1% for the Planet”, an alliance of small businesses that pay a voluntary earth tax and donate 1% of all sales to non-profit, non-governmental environmental organizations.

You can purchase online at Stewart+Brown and Pangaya.

Also available at these brick & mortar locations.