STIK Chair is made from a bundle of precisely cut natural sticks tied together with cords. Designers Johan Jeppesen and Jesper Su Rosenmeier took some of the conventional binding techniques used in making rattan and bamboo furniture and reinterpreted them creating a fresh new design. The chair is part of the program established by the Royal Danish Academy Schools of Architecture and Design, and was one of several student projects featured at this year’s Milan Design Week.

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The chair combines two elements-stick and upholstery-and combines them into a piece of furniture that uses the material properties of natural sticks as the driving design force. The sticks are tied together and cut with precision, blurring the line between conventionally differentiated elements of chair design. Stick and upholstery are merged into one element-an upholstered stick-and used to illustrate the design possibilities of the simple principle of addition.

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The STIK Chair, along with other innovative furniture design created by Danish students, was exhibited at Salone del Mobile, part of the 2014 Milan Design Week, which this year celebrated its 5th edition.

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