At the intersection of green design, space-making, and textiles, the Bouroullec brothers’ Stitch Room is one part design genius, one part child-like playtime. Known for designs that cross the boundary between furniture and architecture, the creations of this design duo tend to emphasize possibilities, and their exploration of space in The Stitch Room is no exception. Using eco-friendly textiles from the ultra-green Danish company Kvadrat, the brothers have created organized, versatile spaces that can be transformed to almost any imaginable use.

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Created specifically for Vitra Design Museum’s MyHome exhibition, the Stitch Room uses modular textile elements that can form walls, ceilings and floors. The Kvadrat materials are used in conjunction with lightweight, aluminum tubes inserted inside to give a frame-like structure. The result is endless variations of distinct spaces that offer the acoustic and tactile benefits of textile materials while accommodating functional division needs.

The beauty of modular components like those created for the Stitch Room is the versatility. Even in mass production, the elements can be customized repeatedly by the individual user eliminating the risk of becoming obsolete and ensuring a long life cycle. The user can define small, semi-private space within larger interiors. The components can create a sheltered section for relaxation and retreat while allowing visual interaction with surroundings – a concept relevant to numerous settings and a common theme in the design team’s work.

+ Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec + Vitra Design Museum + Kvadrat