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Michel’s first #SavetheBees project took over the streets of East London, which was completed along with fellow artist Jim Vision. Together, they began painting touching portraits of bees in varying sizes, from oversized meticulously detailed bees to groupings of swarms. Along with the paintings of bees, Michel penned phrases from the bees’ point of views that warn about the dangers of allowing bee populations to become endangered, or worse, extinct. Each is hashtagged with #SavetheBees, so visitors can easily follow and find the other colorful murals around the city, and now the world.

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The massive popularity of his bee murals have enabled the artist to spread the word to Bristol, Devon, Glastonbury, Croatia, New York, Miami and New Orleans, creating beautiful bee murals for visitors and locals in each city to enjoy, and more importantly, learn from. After taking time out for a gallery show in London, Michel plans to continue the #SavetheBees series on the streets next year to act as a second phase of warning people about the dangers of colony collapse through his art.

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