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Reverse Moss Graffiti, reverse graffiti, eco art, green art, Stefaan De Croock, stuk arts centre, belgium

The Belgian artists was commissioned by De Invasie and STUK as part of a larger exhibition on sustainable living. A wall along a staircase leading into the centre was covered with moss and Strook used it as the backdrop for his latest work. Using a hand-held pressure washer, he etched his designs into the moss and algae. With this is graphic art via cleaning, no chemicals, paint or cleaning agents were used at all.

Strooks designs were freehanded and most of them were created on the fly as he went. The theme behind much of his work is where man meets machine, and the reverse graffiti wall is a great example of how a machine helped him create art. The wall is covered with buildings, robots, and creatures.

As he describes his work on his site, “More and more, we are dictated by technology. That intrigues me. And so do the cities we live in. That’s why I populate my drawings with humanoids – robots with a human shape – and cyborgs – physical merges of man and machine.”

Images ©Strook