Shades of Batman, anyone? This all-electric Superbus, designed by students at UT Delft in the Netherlands, aims to make bus-riding attractive again by decking out the vehicle with a carbon-fiber shell, a low chassis, and sixteen individual gullwing doors.

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The bus has some impressive stats to match its sleek looks: a block of lithium-polymer batteries power electric motors that run at up to 800 HP, and the whole thing can travel 130 miles before recharging — plenty of time for a trip across town.

Unlike other public buses, the students imagine that the Superbus won’t have a set route. Instead, passengers buy seats on the bus in advance and call or text a pickup time and location to the driver. The bus then figures out the quickest and most efficient way to get all passengers to their destinations. That seems like a tricky concept to work out, but we still love the redesign. After all, wouldn’t you be more likely to get on this bus than the standard public buses you usually see puttering around?

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Via Jalopnik