High school students at the DeLaSalle School in Kansas City, Missouri have ditched video games and Justin Bieber Youtube videos for a new interest – zero emissions transportation! They developed an amazing new vehicle with help from engineers from Bridgestone America’s Technical Center in Akron, Ohio and have just tested it on the Bridgestone Texas Proving Grounds. Their car proved to have the electric efficiency equivalent of a 300 mpg gasoline vehicle – making it the most efficient of its kind in the world.

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The car is mounted on a 2000 Lola Indy Car chassis and has an ultra lightweight frame and body — the body is also see-through, which brings back the excitment of the iMac circa the year 2000. The body keeps weight down to help the car remain super-efficient and the team designed the guts of the car from the ground up — including an electric power train — to make sure they’ve covered all of their bases.

The super-car was mounted on Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 tires which claim to reduce fuel efficiency with their low resistance rolling technology. Under the supervision of their instructor Steve Rees, the team of teens was able to reach a level of efficiency that most electric car manufacturers could only dream of. Electric vehicles as efficient as this one would pull so little from the grid in order to function that gasoline-based cars had better watch out!

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