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QuaDror relief housing is based on the geometric form of the QuaDror, a square-like, trapezoidal, 3D element. Structural beams are held together in the correct QuaDror shape by specially designed joints or ‘knuckles’, which are screwed into the beams. Once the beams are joined together into the QuaDror shape, two of them are are set up next to each other and floor beams are laid on the bottom with structural beams installed on top. Roofing and walls from available materials can then easily be attached.

The beauty of the QuaDror shelter system is that any local material like bamboo, branches, beams or any other rigid structural member can be used. In essence all that needs to be supplied are the knuckles, which can easily be delivered anywhere in the world and utilize local labor and skills to build the structures. Testing on the QuaDror has also shown that is far stronger than rectangular and A-frame designs, withstanding much higher horizontal and vertical loading.

Studio Dror’s hope is that through supplying knuckles they will be able to help provide safe and secure housing for the world. Their design for a stable structure could provide immediate shelter and relief, but also strong infrastructure to expand and grow in the future.

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