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An initiative of the nonprofit Project H Design, Studio H is a design/build class for middle and high school students based in the Realm Charter School in Berkeley, CA. Studio H students are given the tools to make their design dreams a reality and have completed impressive projects including a 2,000 square foot farmer’s market pavilion, a pop-up park and even laser-etched skateboards. Determined to make positive change, this year’s students have set their eye on creating a new library space for future students.

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The “X-Space” library project is named after the students’ custom-designed, x-shaped shelving unit, the STAX, which will be built out of 13-ply finished plywood. The hundreds of interlocking STAX shelves will be constructed using a CNC router on loan from Autodesk CEO Carl Bass. The slightly wavy shelves can be stacked and fastened together by screws to build bookshelves of varying heights.

To raise money for the STAX shelves, library technology, and 3,000 books, the students launched a 30-day Kickstarter with a wide range of rewards, from bookmarks to STAX shelves, so that every backer can have the opportunity to own a piece of the creative library. Even better? Every time a backer pledges a STAX for the library, the backer will receive their very own STAX and have their name engraved on the corresponding library shelf.

+ Studio H “X-Space” Kickstarter