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Located on an exposed site above the lake and outside the town of Hønefoss in Krokskogen forest, the home can experience harsh conditions and high winds. However, because of the beautiful landscape, it was still worth making a home there and Atelier Oslo worked to take advantage of the views and provide protection from the wind. The home’s basic layout is a cross shape with a hearth at the center. Each wing has its own function — the kitchen, the entryway and bathroom, the living room and the bedroom. Outside, these wings provide a break from the wind and a quiet, calm place to enjoy the outdoors.

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The home is built on the hillside and follows the topography as it slopes upwards. Large windows take in the views to the south as well as catching the sun, giving a close connection with the outdoors even while indoors. The interior is lined with birch plywood for a smooth and seamless finish that continues throughout the entire space. Floors are covered in hexagonal wood cuts, and bespoke LED light fixtures glow like old-school incandescent bulbs but are much more efficient. Finally, the exterior is covered in stone planks reminiscent of wood, but much more durable over time.

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Images © Lars Petter Pettersen and Atelier Oslo