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Access to the 990-square-meter Autofamily House starts at the south-end entrance, where a ramped driveway leads automobiles up into the living room located three meters above ground level. The multifunctional covered driveway is used as an art gallery to house the owner’s paintings collection. The landscaped roof grown atop the covered ramp rises like a seamless green ribbon that double backs at the end of the driveway ramp and continues to rise as part of the two-story-high building.

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The exterior walls of the green-roofed ramp-like structure are painted white and punctuated by glazed openings. The ramp culminates in a second-story-high south-facing balcony with recessed floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. The cantilevered second story comprises the bedrooms and is stacked atop a glazed volume that contains the modern living areas. The home was completed in 2012.

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Images via KWK Promes