eco residence, hawaii, belzberg architects, reclaimed wood, green building, sustainable architecture

A gesture inspired by Hawaiian tradition, local basket weaving served as the muse for the incredible entrance, which evokes the feeling of customary gift giving upon arrival, characteristic of the islands. But technology and sustainability were also key points in the construction — the entrance to the pavilion was designed with 3D modeling software and fabricated with CNC machinery from reclaimed teak and railroad tracks. Moreover, landscaping around the house uses a lava rock cut directly from site, providing a beautiful contrast against the dark brown wood.

From the ceilings to the screens, CNC cut wood is used throughout the home, and the material presents an abstract interpretation of the traditional Hawaiian carvings. The home has been designed around a central corridor, which connects the guest rooms to the main living area, media room, outdoor patio and master suite. And with a clear and open plan, and large overhanging roof eaves, the home takes full advantage of the island’s natural breezes, which keep the interior cool and comfortable.

eco residence, hawaii, belzberg architects, reclaimed wood, green building, sustainable architecture

In addition to the use of reclaimed wood, the residence pays special attention to its environmental impact. The lap pool was built with the same dark lava rock synonymous with house, and it also offers passive water heating from the sun. Two separate photovoltaic arrays have been mounted onto the roof and together are able to generate enough renewable energy to power the entire home. Finally, the designed has been topped off with a rainwater collection system that gathers water and redirects it to three dry wells, replenishing the aquifer.

With over six bedrooms and multiple common areas, this home is certainly not lacking space and most likely is a second home for a more financially fortunate family. However, we can’t help but applaud the gorgeous design in addition to the extensive use of recycled materials throughout.

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