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The Children’s Garden is divided into four major play areas: the Water Play centerpiece with modern water technologies; elevated treehouses in a rainforest canopy; an adventure trail with jungle gym-like elements; and an outdoor amphitheater shaded by a leaf-shaped canopy. Two toddler-specific play areas complement the recreational spaces. The neighboring bodies of water, a mangrove wetland and Kingfisher Lake, also offer additional educational opportunities. To facilitate a connection to horticulture, a lush garden theme is carried throughout the landscape, from the orchid-shaped splash buckets to the abundant Ficus planted alongside the elevated treehouses.

“The Far East Organization Children’s Garden at Gardens by the Bay will create play opportunities that are not found elsewhere in Singapore that connect children to nature via technology, art and horticulture,” says Andrew Grant, Director of Grant Associates. The visually stunning, interactive landscape also offers exploratory and educational opportunities for parents and other visitors. Created through a $10 million grant by the Far East Organization, the Children’s Garden is free to the public six days a week.

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