Gogoro’s battery-swapping Smartscooter is set to launch in Taipei – and the company just announced that it’s taking pre-orders this month. The next-generation electric scooter will be available on June 27th for the low price of $4,140. That price comes with a host of benefits including two years of reusable batteries, free maintenance and roadside service.

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The Smartscooter’s price may be higher than a fuel-guzzling model, but over the course of two years the electric vehicle saves the rider on gas, maintenance and taxes. With government subsidies for electric vehicles coupled with rising fuel prices, the Gogoro model is better for the pocket and the planet.

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Although the $4,140 (NTD $128,000) is nearly double the price of some conventional scooters, the bonus package adds a sizable value to the Smartscooter. First, Gogoro is giving Smartscooter customers two years of “all-you-can-swap” electric batteries from their charging stations to keep the scooter running cleanly and efficiently. The deal also includes one year of theft insurance, an offer usually presented by an insurance company and not a manufacturer. Throw in maintenance and roadside servicing for two years, and the deal is complete.

Gogoro hasn’t mentioned what will happen after two years, or whether their introductory package and price will still be available. The trial period will take place only in Taiwan, and plans to expand to other Asian countries if successful.

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