If you commute using a bicycle, then you know the frustration of having to carry everything with you when you step away from your bike. Add to that the frustration of getting your stuff soaking wet if a surprise rainstorm heads your way and you might find yourself debating the merits of just driving a car. So Kathryn Carlson started thinking about bike commuting and came up with an ingenious solution: the Buca Boot, a secure, weatherproof case that fits right on your bike.

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Buca Boot keeps all the stuff that you need to carry with safe with a secure key lock. But not only that, the carrier expands with side pannier bags for those times when you need a lot of room. It is also completely weatherproof, with a secure plastic base compartment. The locking mechanism runs through the entire compartment to keep both lids in place and the carrier can’t be detached from your bike without unlocking and opening the lids. It’s the perfect solution for the urban biker.

But Buca Boot isn’t just handy, it is also good looking, with a sleek design that includes a flat wood lid that hinges in and out of place, depending on whether you want it closed or open. Kathryn says that she wanted an option for her bike that acted like the trunk (also known as the boot in Britain) on a car that also had all of the benefits of a bike basket, so it can be used open or closed, and looks good either way. Once the carrier hits the market, you will be able to choose your canvas pannier colors and fasten your the carrier to any standard bike rack. But right now Kathryn and her team are looking for funding to get the Buca Boot off the ground using Kickstarter, so the only way to get your hands on one of these is to donate!

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