After making appearances throughout Europe, the Leaos pedal-assist electric bike is finally coming to the U.S. The futuristic bike features state-of-the art technology such as sensors and Supernova LED lights, and it can travel up to 2.5 hours on a single charge. It’s available in two versions: one that travels up to 16mph and another that reaches speeds of up to 28mph. The Leaos hit the market at a starting price of €4,980 in Europe, and it’s expected to cost approximately the same cost in the U.S. ($6,800.)

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Designer Armin Oberhollenzer used carbon fiber to build the bike’s monocoque frame. The rest of its body is made from a combination of steel and aluminum, with wiring carefully hidden throughout the structure. Thanks to the 11.6 Ah removable Li-ion battery, the Leaos e-Bike can run 2.5 hours on a single charge. Two models are available, and the faster one is classified as a moped. Each comes with independent torque, crank speed and e-bike speed sensors.

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The latest Leaos e-bike is visually and technically perfected, with a completely redesigned carbon handlebar with integrated digital display and a revised and optimized carbon monocoque unisex frame. The bike has a fully integrated SuperNova light system and a standard NuVinci harmony automatic gearshift. If you can afford it, watch out for its American debut!

+ Leaos Carbon City Design e-Bike

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