If you’ve been waiting for a larger EV for daily hauling of people and gear, EV startup Lucid has just teased images of its upcoming three-row SUV EV called Gravity. This is the second EV from Lucid, but is upmarket from the company’s Air models and offers more space, seating up to seven people.

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An EV SUV vehicle with the word GRAVITY below it

The Gravity SUV EV should also have the latest version of Lucid’s touchscreen-powered cockpit. Additionally, it is rumored to offer better range than any other EV, except the Air models. This SUV has been a long time in the making, and design details aren’t finalized, but the Gravity should share the same flowing body lines as other Lucid models, while being more of a mini-van style daily driver.

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A three rows of interior vehicle seating with a view of the night sky

Don’t count out this vehicle too quickly because it’s a seven-seater family car. This SUV comes with same sleek design as other Lucid models and has a panoramic roof, plus other luxury extras. The three-row configuration doesn’t leave much room for cargo, but you can put down the back row of seats for flex space if you need to haul more groceries or gear.

Car vehicle seating looking to a night landscape

Be aware that just because this is a practical car doesn’t mean it comes with a family-friendly price tag. The Air sedan EVs from Lucid already cost as much as your average mortgage, with a $2,000 per month payment. But the Air is the longest range fastest luxury EV sedan in the world, making it the 2022 MotorTrend Car of the Year, which is no small praise.

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Moreover, the Air comes with 1200 horsepower, an over 500-mile range, a 12-minute quick-charging time for 200 miles range and goes from zero to 60 mph in two seconds. That’s astonishing capabilities for any car, much less an EV sedan. The Pure Model Air starts at 480 horsepower, which is already more than enough. It also has a 410-mile range and starts at $87,000, as opposed to the Grand Touring model’s $138,000 price tag. We expect the Gravity to start in the middle of that range and move up beyond the Grand Touring price and specs.

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Reservations for the Gravity SUV start in early 2023, with deliveries starting in 2024. With the aim of disrupting the SUV market to create a vehicle that can seat up to seven but perform like a supercar, the Gravity is sure to make waves next year and raise the bar on EV performance expectations.

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