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The new social housing units by Buro II & Archi+I were inspired by the social housing district built in 1922-1925 by architect Victor Bourgeois. There are two groupings – one on Beheersstraat with 43 units and the other one is along the Dendermondestraat with 32 units. Both feature white cubic volumes with flat roofs that are either classically aligned or in a sawtooth configuration. The design features a number of similarities to Bourgeois’ Cité Moderne, including the use of reinforced concrete, flat roofs, private gardens, and orientation towards the sun.

Buro II & Archi+I designed the project to strike a balance between economic, technical and social criteria while offering exceptional architectural quality and excellent energy performance. The low-energy housing units have an E level (Belgium energy performance level) of 60 for the apartments and 50 or less for the houses. Beyond energy performance, the project features solar panels, rainwater recovery, environmentally friendly materials, and optimized insulation and ventilation.

Buro II & Archi+I

Via ArchDaily

Images ©Filip Dujardin