Safety Ring

When evaluating hypothetical responses to dangerous situations, it’s hard to know what will be an effective means of self-defense. There’s the classic “lawnmower” move – throwing an elbow in the face of your attacker; or the key-between-the-fingers technique for improved punching. But of course no carefully-practiced move is guaranteed, which is why three women in San Francisco have designed the Subtle Safety Ring. Amanda Knox, Sara Shaughnessy and Kim Hoffmann met while pursuing graduate degrees from Stanford in Design and Mechanical Engineering. A few years ago, they founded Redstart Design and began producing jewelry.

The Subtle Safety Ring is made of sterling silver with stainless steel rivets. It is comprised of three pieces that can stack on a single finger or rotate outwards and fit individually onto three consecutive fingers, readying your fist for any shady encounter. The pointed edges offer better injury-promising armor than mace or pepper spray, and have the dual appeal of being a stylish accessory.

The young design company has already achieved great success, with the inclusion of their Subtle Safety Ring in the upcoming MOMA exhibit Safe: Design Takes on Risk opening October 16 and showing through January 2. With revenue from sales of this piece as well as their other two lines and customized wedding bands, Redstart plans to develop electromechanical jewelry that will respond to external stimuli. This is approaching sci-fi-caliber intelligent design; prepare yourself for jewelry with a mind of its own.

Link: Redstart Design
via: BusinessWeek