Suluwilo Villa, COA architects, Eco-Lux Villa, Mozambique, boat shape, biodegradable materials, thatched roof, beach, africa, wood, straw, architecture, green Interiors, Recycling / Compost, mud wall, cooling water

Inspired by the traditional Dhow fishing boats in East Africa, the angled shelters´ roofs divert strong winds coming in from the sea. Made from dried plants, the thatched roofs are biodegradable, cool, breathable and compostable. Although the villa is situated a few steps away from the beach, each house has a small private pool for relaxing and soaking up the sun.

Constructed mainly from local wood and straw, the shelters also incorporate the use of mud (walls) and water (outdoor baths) as cooling elements. Each shelter features a bedroom and studio space in the angled attic, a living room on the ground floor, and a bathroom that can be accessed via a top-level bridge. Made from sustainable materials and set on a paradisiacal African island, COA´s Suluwilo Villa is a luxurious eco-friendly retreat.


Via Plataforma Arquitectura