The last time we offered Veja’s uber-popular and hard to find eco-sneakers in the Inhabitatshop, they flew out the door faster than we could say “ethically-made.” With summer right around the corner, we figured this was the perfect time to bring back this reader fave. And to make things even more interesting, we’re taking a whopping all men’s and women’s styles in the Inhabitatshop right now for a limited time only! If you weren’t able to scoop up a pair of these simple and classic sustainable sneaks last time, why not seize take this opportunity to add them to your collection?

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Elegant and athletic, Vejas are decidedly stylish on the outside and boast plenty of ethical “sole” on the inside. Made of natural latex rubber, vegetable-tanned leather and organic cotton, and produced in Brazil through cooperatives, these sneakers will have both your feet and conscience walking on air. And since rubber trees are only found in the Amazon, purchasing Vejas supports wild latex production and helps prevent deforestation.

Veja’s sneakers usually sell for over $150+, so don’t miss your chance to score them for , for the next few days.

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$75 Women’s Volley Sneakers

$80 Men’s Bota Sneaker