The sun is our oldest light source and one of the most universal cues that we use to tell time. The changing quality and position of the sun in the sky guides our daily transitions from sleeping to waking and from daytime to nighttime activities. The sun also fine tunes our biological clock to synchronize with the daily cycle of lightness and darkness outside. That’s why the people at Sunn want to create indoor lighting that puts you in touch with the daily rhythm of the sun. The Sunn Light promotes healthy living and creates vibrant spaces by continuously changing color and brightness in rhythm with the sun. It comes in two sizes and can be controlled by a mobile app to give you the perfect control over your own daily rhythm, giving you a boost when you need it and helping your body shut down when it is time for sleep. Check out the Sunn Kickstarter page to help get the brilliant Sunn light off the ground.

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+ Sunn on Kickstarter

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