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Gemir came up with the idea to make his daughter a speeder bike when her first birthday came around, wanting to handcraft something for her as he had for his son in the past. He designed the ambitious and complicated project entirely himself, using the original concept drawing from the movie as inspiration and guidance.

Breaking the rocker down into three main parts, he made sure not to outfit the structure with any small or breakable parts, while also beefing up the durability — in case his five year-old son wanted a turn at riding the Speeder Bike. The materials needed range from basic: sustainable plywood, PVC, nuts and bolts,  to modern technology: 3D printing for curved and detailed parts.

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The awesome Speeder Bike combines a traditional childhood rocker with a modern pop culture icon — . The piece acts as a family toy, but also a fantastic model lifted right from the hands of Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. Try your hand at building your own rocker for your little prince or princess!

via Instructables