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Although one of the lower scoring teams at this year’s Solar Decathlon Europe competition in Madrid, the Sumbiosi house has extraordinary potential and shouldn’t be discounted just yet. Not only does Team ABC’s solar array offer up serious efficiency, it also enables cogeneration with a 3 in 1 system that produces electricity, hot water and a heat transfer fluid.

A rooftop Ventec system cools down the house during the summertime and also promotes natural ventilation, while water conservation is achieved with a little help from nature’s squiggly creatures! Called a Lombrifiltre, Sumbiosi’s greywater is cleansed with earthworms and sedimentary layers, delivering a byproduct that is clean enough to irrigate the air-scrubbing green roof and wash the car. An automated system finalizes the design, ensuring a high level of comfort at all times. Keep an eye on this team because the competition isn’t over until it’s over!

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