The Verdge Handcrafted Shoes, by Andrea Verdura

Watching Andrea Verdura as he assembles a shoe in front of your eyes allows you feel the deep passion that this designer feels for what he does. For him it’s just a natural process, as he explains: “In 1997, I was in Australia and my last pair of sandals broke down. I had no other choice than provide by myself. I found an old tyre and used it to cut out a sole. The rest came by itself”.

This designs, which were born from necessity, bloomed into a desire to show respect for the environment. His brand new creations for CoontemporaryMOOD—a fashion, art and design gallery in SuperStudio—are remarkably eco-friendly as well as really beautiful. Made from recycled fishing nets and cork, these sandals tell a tale in which the sea meets a new trend in eco design.


L’oasi di Figuig, by Artefatto Onlus

These pieces tell a beautiful story of cooperation and participation between a socially driven designer who’s passionate about Morocco, and the skilled women there who carry on the old tradition of weaving with a loom. The project, titled “Racconti a Telaio” by Artefatto Onlus, shows how design can cooperate with international sustainable development, helping to improve the lives of women in the Figuig Oasi in Morocco. “These women were just in need of someone to uncover their potential in creating stunning handmade pieces. They already had fantastic skills and the knowledge; we brought design innovation and our passion. They taught us the mastery of weaving”, says the designer Gabriella.


Curve Sculpture in Motion, by Hyundai Helio

A special pavilion at the Super Studio design show 2015 was dedicated to Hyundai and their stunning piece Sculpture in Motion 2.0: Helio Curve —bringing “Fluidic Sculpture” to life. The huge sculpture in motion was dancing smoothly in the center of the huge pavilion, aided by metal cables and turning wheels that played the notes of a live classic-modern concert. Hyundai managed to transform their fundamental work in the car industry into design inspiration to enable audiences to experience and connect with the brand in a completely new way.


Intersections, by Izabela Boloz

This sculptural urban furniture from Polish artist and designer Izabela Boloz consists of a series of modular colorful objects that function as seating as well as a place for spontaneous play. Described by the artist as a “crossroads between art and design,” this piece is also conceived as a social intervention that engages the urban public.


ECO FR, by Christian Fischbacher

A revolutionary textile innovation was presented to the world by Christian Fischbacher for Design Week 2015. ECO FR is a fabric made of 100 percent natural linen and cotton fabric with no chemical additives, and is biodegradable and flame retardant. You can clearly see the difference between this textile and classic cotton, because ECO FR doesn’t burn, but carbonizes, controlling flames without harmful emissions. ECO FR fulfils the GOTS requisites (Global Standard for Organic Textiles).


Anime di Pietra, by Vito Franchino

Another outstanding designer passionate about handmade design and a deep connection with the earth is Vito Franchino, with his collection Anime di Pietra. His pieces are all made completely by hand using recycled wood from the sea and a special local stone common to his birthplace in the south of Italy around Lecce.

The leccese stone has a natural creamy color and seems as soft as whipped cream.


The little holes around the lamps let a warm golden light shine through, creating shimmering effects on the walls, soothing the soul in a fantastic relaxing atmosphere that reflects both the heart of the designer, and the heart of the earth in southern Italy.


Eco and You

Awareness about environmental issues has considerably increased its influence in the design world over the last few years. Companies like Eco and You look to new ecological solutions to make playful furniture that can be recycled, or by utilizing eco-friendly materials.

Cardboard furniture seems the perfect solution for those who think green and want to educate their children about wise choices for respecting the environment. Eco and You furniture is made in Italy with 100 percent recycled biodegradable paper fibers, certified FSC. Furthermore, it’s colored with natural additives and assembled with vegetable glues.

Bonita Chaise Longue

The Bonita chaise-longue is a perky yellow chair that looks like a caterpillar. It inspires creativity in children and encourages them to have a safe rest.



The Safari collection is a solution to decorate children’s rooms with natural touches while offering education about animal shapes. Every piece is created with animal outlines, inspiring children to explore and love nature. The little table features lions and is perfect to spend amusing time giggling and dreaming about the roaring of the lions in Africa.


Garbage Bag/Garbage Notebook Cover, by Garbage Lab

Garbage Lab is a brand born from 3 young designers passionate about graphics and advertisement, who care about the impact that design has on the environment. In 2009 they launched Garbage Lab which designs product entirely made from recycled ad plastic banners.

Their aim was to create something by reusing the fancy banners and at the same time paying attention to the creation process and details.


The Garbage Bags are designed for maximum functionality to be comfortable in the city as well as on the beach.  Notebook Covers are a fancy environmentally-friendly way to keep track of your agenda.


Pina Colada Lamp, by Goodnight Light

Conceived by Lorena Canals and Eva Newton, Goodnight Light is a lighting design studio based in Paris and Barcelona.

Their philosophy is driven by the belief that good design should play an integral role in the contemporary child’s room. The lamps of the goodnight light series are designed to appeal as much to kids as to grownups and to fit into any environment decorating the interiors with oniric poetry.


1KM high, by Jackie Yong Leon Shong, Liu Dongyuan

1 KM HIGH – Urban Rural Habitat consists of 7 different architecture models in an attempt to provide forward looking solutions to the crisis of China’s diminishing arable land area.

A brief research conducted by China’s high end furniture brand CAMERICH shows that 25 million acres of arable land in China had been devoured by uranization from 1996 to 2013.

As one of the leading initiators at the event, CAMERICH has been committed to protecting the environment we live in and exploring better life and future for China.


 LifeBox, by Lagrama

The dream bed Life Box designed by Spanish company Lagrama brings you back to nostalgic memories of the tree houses of childhood.

The wooden asymmetrical structure recalls countryside houses accompanying children dreams in a natural and safe surrounding.


Nonah! Shelving System by GALAPAGOS

The GALAPAGOS shelving system is a unique design of 4 shelves grouped together in whatever arrangement you choose, inspired by the concept of the natural paradise of the Galapagos Islands.

The slogan of NONAH designers is, “ECO-FRIENDLY: your children can breathe!,” showing that they definitely care about the impact that design has on health and the environment.

The NONAH furniture is made exclusively of solid European FSC certified birch. It is protected by a biodegradable linen-based oil, and superior water-based lacquer for the colours, making it naturally beautiful.

+ Milan Design Week 

+ Superstudio