In Chile, mixed-breed dogs are called Kiltro, and these resilient animals are known to be survivors. Taking its name from these dogs, the Kiltro House was built under challenging conditions including a changing budget, design, and building permits, making it a true survivor in Latin America’s difficult building environment. Designed by Juan Pablo Corvalán and Gabriel Vergara from Supersudaka, the building stands within the long and narrow country’s central valley, and it was made from recyclable materials like aluminum, steel, glass, local stone and wood from naturally fallen trees.

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The Kiltro House measures 340 square feet and is situated just a few minutes away from the city of Talca, south of the Chilean capital Santiago. Standing on concrete columns, the squared building looks out into the breathtaking Chilean mountains. Its wooden sloping roof welcomes the sun to the north side and it is closed on the opposite side to protect the building from extreme heat.

Its operable floor-to-ceiling windows open wide to allow for natural light and cross-ventilation. The materials chosen are either locally sourced or recyclable: Kiltro House has a recyclable steel structure, expanded polystyrene insulation, aluminum frames, and glass windows. The extensive wooden roof and decks are made from cypress wood from naturally fallen trees, and the access ramps are made from locally sourced stones.

+ Supersudaka

Via Plataforma Arquitectura