It’s that time of year again. Commercials are encouraging you to spend, spend, spend, and your loved ones are asking you what you want for the holidays. For those of you fortunate enough to have all you need, consider supporting these environmental charities during Cyber Monday. 

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Amazon’s Charity Lists compile all the items an organization needs, making it easier for you to give directly. Whether you want to give to animal rights or ocean conservation groups, this list will connect you to an easy way to support causes you care about.

Helping India’s Wildlife for Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS helps protect India’s wildlife from habitat loss and human exploitation. The organization’s Amazon Charity List includes items to support its team and the animals under their care. As the group explains on its list page, “A lot of this equipment is not available in India,” so sending them this vital gear is a big help.

Friends of the Smokies

Want to support America’s most-visited national park? Consider supporting the charity list for Friends of the Smokies. Friends of the Smokies needs help to keep its offices running so it can support Great Smoky Mountains National Park. By purchasing simple items such as trash bags and paper towels, you can make a big impact for this organization.

International Wolf Center

Between hunters and habitat loss, wolves often have to fight to survive. The International Wolf Center works to help them survive. By teaching about wolves, The International Wolf Center seeks to advance the survival of wolf populations. This year, you can support the group’s work through its Amazon Charity List.

Salty Soul Foundation

If you’ve ever participated in a beach cleanup, you’ll definitely want to support the Salty Soul Foundation. As the organization explains on its Charity List page, “By cleaning the trash from the beaches, we help keep it out of the oceans.” To aid this foundation in its beach cleaning efforts, consider donating a box of nitrile gloves, a bucket or a grabber tool.

Pollinator Corridors Inc.

Pollinators such as bees, birds, bats and butterflies are crucial for keeping the world’s flowering plants alive. Unfortunately, pollution and habitat loss threatens their existence. Enter Pollinator Corridors, a project that supports “healthy native plant habitats and their pollinators in the Greater Southwest.” With your help, Pollinator Corridors can grow their restoration projects and educational initiatives.

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