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Located in the neighborhood of the Bottière Chênaie in Nantes, France, this sustainable housing project features 2 apartment blocks with 36 flats and 7 blocks of multi-family dwellings with 26 flats. The apartment blocks are designed to be a bit more classic to appeal to those looking for a standard solution. Meanwhile the multi-family housing apartments provide more flexible solutions. In this way, the complex can meet the needs of different types of families – anywhere from young couples, first homebuyers, and singles, growing families.

All of the duplex housing buildings feature a living area with a double-height ceiling. Construction was configured in a way to include electric and a door window in the upper area. If a family needs more space, they can easily reconfigure the living room by adding a new ceiling/floor to create a third bedroom upstairs. Families then have the option to adapt their homes to fit their needs.

Oriented to the east and west, the project takes advantage of solar passive design and shading. Summer sun angles cannot penetrate the shade devices, which helps keep the interiors cool. Likewise in the winter, lower sun angles allow more light and heat to enter reducing the need for additional heating and lighting. The 62 dwellings are made from both concrete and wood structures are all energy efficient.

Via ArchDaily

Images ©Sergio Grazia