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The original community facility was in disrepair and badly in need of an update, so Jackson Clements Burrows worked with the city and local residents to design a multi-purpose space for everyone. The Keast Park Community Pavilion consists of a two-story timber pavilion with a large bowling green to the north and a boardwalk connecting the parking to the beach and ocean. The project provides space for the Carrum Bowls club, Sea Scouts, multi-purpose centre/cafe with toilets, provides greater opportunity for the overlap of different activities and age groups, and was considered as an important objective of the project.

Oriented to the east/west, the pavilion makes use of solar passive design with the help of a verandah and large overhangs to provide shading. Cross ventilation and natural daylighting through the louvered walls reduce artificial cooling and lighting. Water tanks underneath the building collect rainwater harvested from the roof so it can be used for toilet flushing and landscape irrigation. The project was built with sustainably sourced plantation timber, for which it received an Australian Timber Design Award. Jackson Clements Burrows and the community pavilion also received the 2012 Coastal Building and Design Award from the Victorian Coastal Council.

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Images ©John Gollings