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The concept for the 2,500 sq m offshore marine center is a colossal white structure located about 150 meters off the of shoreline of Kuta Beach in Bali. Large windows provide views of the surrounding ocean environment, while underwater viewing rooms offer visitors views of the aquatic life. The marine center provides space for research labs, living quarters for the scientists, a seawater pool, an aquatic garden library and an auditorium. Scientists working and living aboard the research center will be studying the tsunamis and disaster response.

The design of the research center was inspired by the form a tsunami wave takes as it proliferates across the water. Apart from taking a cue from nature, the center will also be energy efficient and capable of producing its own power and clean water. Tidal generators will be used along with photovoltaics to generate electricity, while solar passive and energy efficient design will minimize energy usage. Rainwater will be collected and seawater conversion systems will provide potable water for the facility. Sea-sourced water will be used to provide radiant cooling to the skin of the building.

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