The natural products Alzoo offers is a complete line of flea and tick solutions, calming products, grooming goods and more. Most of the lineup is made in the U.S. and the company is in the process of certification to earn B Corporation Certification status. In addition, the company recently switched its structure to be classified as a Benefit Corporation. 

“As a company that aims to be a force for good in the world – creating products that make a positive, direct impact on people, their pets and the community they live in, becoming a Benefit Corporation was the natural step forward for Alzoo,” said Alzoo CEO, Philippe Chelle. “Benefit Corporations must commit to high standards, purpose, accountability and transparency surrounding all its operations – standards we are proud, and have always been proud, to uphold.”

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A variety of products from Alzoo


Alzoo offers a line of shampoos, each designed to address common issues. There’s a plant-based shampoo and conditioner in one and an anti-itch blend to address dry, itchy skin. A gentler puppy formula cleans and conditions and a hypoallergenic option cleans sensitive skin. All of these eight-ounce products are delivered in a sugar-cane-based tube that is recyclable. All shampoos are free of sulfates, paraben, dyes, soap, phthalate and synthetic perfumes. Alzoo shampoos are pH balanced and cruelty free.

Additionally, the company offers a dry shampoo powder. It comes in a small package to reduce shipping size and weight. Combine the shampoo with water in the endlessly reusable recycled-aluminum bottle. The bottle is also recyclable at the end of its useful life. 

A shampoo bottle and powder shampoo package

Flea products

The company designed a line of products that are safe for your pet, yet effective for flea control. The flea collars offer four months of protection against fleas, ticks, and lice. The active ingredients are peppermint oil and cedarwood oil. There’s also a flea and tick spray that can be applied directly to the dog’s coat for an added layer of protection against fleas, ticks, sand flies and even mosquitos. Alzoo couples these products with a flea and tick shampoo as well as a powder. Follow the directions for introducing your pet to these products so you can monitor for an allergic reaction.

Calming aids

We all know animals can get a bit worked up if left alone or when fireworks are going off in the neighborhood. Alzoo uses a combination of anxiety-reducing ingredients like hemp extract and essential oils in its line of sprays, collars and room diffusers for both cats and dogs.


Alzoo understands litter boxes could benefit from a little scent improvement, but no one wants to mask one bad scent with a chemical smell. Instead it offers lavender, ocean breeze, island paradise and sweet vanilla. It also created a deodorizer for the chicken coop. To correct bad behavior, there is also a stain and odor training spray.

Three dogs with red flea collars sitting on a wooden deck

Personal review of Alzoo shampoo

When the company learned we had three dogs and four cats, they sent a gift box of samples to try. We received each of the five shampoos, a calming diffuser and flea collars.

Since we recently used another flea treatment, I haven’t tried the collars but noticed they are waterproof, which is nice for our hunting dogs. Plus, the cat collars are equipped with a breakaway safety system so they don’t choke if they get hung up. Flea collars are intended for dogs and cats over four months of age. 

We used the shampoos on all three dogs on the last of the somewhat sunny days before the fall rain settled in. The bottles are easy to grip, even with wet hands. They are durable in construction and look like they could handle a few inevitable drops should they occur. 

The scents are well balanced. The fragrance lingers with a freshness that erases the typical overpowering wet dog smell. I’m very scent sensitive and didn’t find these to be overwhelming at all. They are subtle, but noticeable. Walking into the room with three freshly-bathed dogs just smelled clean. Trust me, that’s rare in my house. My daughter and I both have a sensitivity to lavender so we didn’t use the puppy formula. I’ll pay that one forward in my community. The others have some odd names, but I found the palmarosa and rice milk fragrances quite pleasant. 

We have large dogs, ranging in size from 45 to about 75 pounds. They are German Shorthaired Pointers so their fur is short. Even with little fur, it required a healthy palmful of shampoo to do the job. I felt like it was a reasonable amount. 

The shampoo applied nicely, spreading around with a standard amount of water on the pet. It’s not a frothy, sudsy shampoo. There are a small amount of suds so you can tell where you’ve washed, but don’t expect bubbles to fly. 

My favorite aspect of the shampoos is the clean rinse. The dogs weren’t crazy about being under the hose so a quick rinse is appreciated. It didn’t take long to remove all the shampoo and it didn’t leave any residue behind.

+ Alzoo 

Images via Alzoo and Dawn Hammon

Editor’s Note: This product review is not sponsored by Alzoo. All opinions on the products and company are the author’s own.