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The Earth House is a 4 bedroom, 465 sq m (5,000 sq ft) house composed of separate living modules including a lounge, a dining area, bedrooms, bathrooms, a study and a kitchen. The modules are connected by a corridor, or a ‘disappearing street’ that frames views and facilitates movement through the house. A large central courtyard anchors the home with the main and guest wings on either side. The courtyard frames the large infinity pool on a lower level and looks out over the coastal landscape.

Locally sourced Dromana crushed rock is used to form the rammed earth walls used to form the home. The east face of the home is glazed to pull in early daylight, while the west face is protected from the hot afternoon sun by formidable rammed earth walls. These walls temper the sun’s heat and radiate it throughout the night while also protecting the home from strong winds.

The entrance to the home is a beautiful scene of sculpted concentric circles with a labyrinth inscribed inside. From above, the landscape stands out most of all against the stoic form of the adjacent home.

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Images © Scott Newett & Earl Carter