Energy-efficient lighting just got even brighter – today Switch unveiled its brightest bulb yet at the 2011 LIGHTFAIR in Philadelphia. The new LED bulb is equivalent to a 100 watt bulb, can be completely recycled, and it features their trademarked “City of Light” technology — an integrated self cooling system that yields maximum brightness.

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Switch has making leaps and bounds in the field of LED lighting lately – they just announced their 75 watt equivalent bulb last month. Their new 100 watt equivalent bulb is quite the feat, as the average LED bulb emits the equivalent of a 60 watt incandescent bulb. Unveiled this week at LIGHTFAIR in Philadelphia, the new bulbs are dimmable and cast a neutral white glow that is similar to halogen lighting, but Switch plans to unveil a warm white version in late 2012.

Switch considered the bulbs’ lifecycles as well as their energy efficiency – all components of the bulbs can be recycled, reused or reclaimed. Following the “Cradle to Cradle Principal,” the parts of each used bulb can be returned to Switch and recycled into other uses.

Switch’s commitment to long-lasting energy efficiency coupled with reclaimable components represents the company’s quest for environmental sustainability. The 100 watt LED bulbs will soon be available for commercial and personal use.

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