If Sydney-based architect Tone Wheeler gets his way, the Australian metropolis will soon be sporting brand-new rooftop playgrounds and open space areas as a means to green the city. How? By greening every single roof in Sydney!

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At least that’s the plan, thanks to a $48,000 grant from the City of Sydney Council to Wheeler’s group. The grant was given for research the possibility of installing green roofs on existing buildings. Most buildings weren’t designed to hold green roofs and, as is, don’t have the capacity to handle a green roof installation. The group will study the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of this plan. So far, estimates say that greening a roof of a standard building could cost up to $1,500 per square meter.

Still, the idea that soon Sydney-siders could have access to more green areas in the CDB is a tantalizing one. The group plans to overhaul a 2,000 square meter roof on a medium high rise in the city. Already some buildings, such as 30 the Bond, feature a roof garden accessible to the building’s workers.

Wheeler told the Sydney Morning Herald “This could be the single biggest revolutionary change wrought on Sydney in terms of greening up the city.” Wheeler is the co-founder of Environa Studio whose past projects include Sydney’s Houses of the Future Clay House concept.

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