The interdependent relationship between sparrows and rice has always been important within Taiwan’s Jenju village. The birds eat insects that otherwise would destroy the rice plantations, leaving huge amounts of leftover rice straws after each harvest, which was historically used as a building material. Inspired by this symbiotic relationship, designer Gina Hsu from DHH Studio created a series of cute biodegradable bird houses.

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Spotted at this year’s bustling Taiwan’s space at DMY Berlin, these nature-inspired bird houses offer our friendly flying creatures a space to retreat. Made from a bunch of dried rice straws that have been weaved in a traditional style, they take many cozy shapes. To be used in the fields or hanged in a city’s balcony, these cute rice straw birdhouses will help birds while exposing your inner kindness.

+ DHH Studio

+ DMY Berlin

Photos © Ana Lisa Alperovich for Inhabitat / OU Studio