Airbnb’s roster of unique lodgings has just added a new star to its lineup: this tiny pod retreat located on a remote area along Scotland’s coast, overlooking the Isle of Mull. Designed by Roderick James Architects, the submarine-inspired, aluminum-clad Airship 002 is located on four acres of expansive greenery, and comes equipped with all the amenities needed to disconnect from life’s hustle and bustle.

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a structure with a glass wall and wooden deck

The Airship 002, which rents for $168 a night, stands out in the idyllic landscape thanks to its elongated form capped with two all-glass domes on either side. Clad in shiny aluminum, the building has a nautical theme – immediately noticeable thanks to multiple portholes in the walls. Inside the tiny pod, wood paneling creates a warm interior enhanced by an abundance of natural light.

an aluminum structure with domed glass wall
a domed glass wall with seating on the interior

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Although the Airship is a compact structure, the contemporary interior design creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The kitchen is an open space with all of the amenities needed to create a home-cooked meal. To open up space throughout the tiny structure, space-saving techniques, such as a fold-out table, keep the living area uncluttered.

a curved interior covered in wooden panels

an aluminum kitchen with wooden paneling

Located just past the kitchen area, the bedroom features a comfy four-poster queen bed. A pair of portholes over the bed allows guests to enjoy a bit of stargazing as they drift off to sleep.

a large desk in front of an all-glass wall
a seating area and glass dome

At the heart of the interior are the two domed glass walls on either side of the pod. A serene seating area with a wood-burning stove looks out over the mountains and sea to the west. On the opposite side, a large writing desk faces the beautiful Sound of Mull. A wooden deck with outdoor seating on the side of the pod offers additional views of the incredible surroundings.

+ Roderick James Architects

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Photography by Nigel Rigden