INFINIT’s Wellness in a Magical Garden is surrounded by trees and within earshot of the Sazava River. Designed by Studio Reaktor, it’s accessible through a series of underground corridors. The idea is to travel through various dark passages and different wellness rooms that prepare you for the experience at the end of the walk: the wellness garden.

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A foggy wellness garden with buildings separately placed and stone pavements

From the darkness of a basement, you’ll emerge into the bright, natural beauty where water, wind and plant life thrive in a beautiful, peaceful setting. A riot of plants and leafy trees greet you as you walk along the paths and into various treatment areas. Furthermore, the wellness garden helps you connect to the world as you take care of yourself.

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A wooden building faces a wellness pool

In effect, the garden landscape is everywhere. Various areas of the garden, including the saunas, are separated by growing plants and beautiful nature. Mountain pine trees, tall grass and natural flora create an idyllic setting for wellness.

A square wooden building

The garden has a small, natural lake with several cooling zones and saunas. There’s also an orangery with a relaxation room. It is also covered with ferns and climbing plants. Additionally, each sauna has its own design with different aromas, music and temperatures.

Inside a sauna room there are stairs on either side of the photo and a wall that is covered in glowing design

The incredible space was created in Czech Republic, with natural materials used to build an organic look. Here, you are a part of nature and nature is part of the design. The buildings and the outside world co-exist in harmony with each other.

A square ceiling window with plants hanging from it

You can tell that this is a place for wellness, not just for the humans who come here, but for the natural world that’s all around. The wellness retreat proves humans benefit from nature. If we take care of our planet, it takes care of us.

+ Studio Reaktor

Photography by BoysPlayNice