UK-based Kingsley Architects have put a new spin on traveling the country in a mobile home. Rather than loading up a gas-guzzling Winabago, the firm has designed an eco houseboat that can safely transport you through the waterways in style. The SolarHome can be used to turn your road trips into sea trips – or you can just dock it trailer park style.

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The SolarHome is lined with observation windows, so travelers can enjoy their trip while simultaneously saving energy that would be used by artificial lighting. The kitchen and living area of the eco house boat is open-air, allowing for cross ventilation, while an overhanging roof protects passengers from rain and the elements. Bedrooms are safe-guarded and privately located in the back of the vessel. A narrow deck surrounds the perimeter of the boat, which has a main terrace on the back.

The home operates off-grid, utilizing solar power that is collected from panels on the roof, which are arranged around skylights that light the interior. The home’s electricty and water treatment are powered by solar energy. The roof is also planted with green grass to prevent solar gain, and filter rain water during storms. In self-sufficient mode, the SolarHome can operate completely on its own for 6-12 months. When docked, it can be switched into docked mode, which takes advantage of power and water hook ups.

The SolarHome is an innovative floating residence or vacation home that doubles as transportation while making little environmental impact on its surroundings. It was designed to occupy the Lusatian Lakelands region in North East Germany.

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