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Talstation Baiersbronn is a combo bistro and sports equipment rental shop in southwestern Germany. The bistro serves local Black Forest cuisine and the shop offers up bike and Segway rentals as well as offers tours of the surrounding area. The Talstation or Valley Station, also will serve as the reception building for the currently planned WaldLoft Hotel. PartnerUndPartner designed the building taking inspiration from the surrounding environment and views. Built from locally-sourced timber and wood fibre insulation, the building can viewed as a totally wood building.

To minimize energy use, solar passive design was utilized including the use of large overhangs to protect the interior in the summer and large windows to allow for daylighting and heating in the winter. A geothermal heat pump provides energy efficient heating and cross and stack ventilation help keep the interior cool. Soon a living roof will be installed on top of the building and will further increase insulation. PartnerUndPartner also designed the building under Cradle to Cradle ideals, which means minimal composite materials were used in the construction allowing the building to be recycled or easily modified in the future. In addition local materials were used as much as possible.

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