Developed by Moteur Developpement International, the Compressed Air Engine might just be best thing to have happened to the motor engine in years. And now, one of the first commercial applications for the zero-emission engine, the Air Car, will be starting productionrelatively soon, thanks to India’s TATA Motors. There’s fuel, there’s renewable fuel, and then there’s uber-renewable fuel- and a car that runs off of air is sure to fall into the third category. Here’s hoping we see these on streets all over the world sooner than later!

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The engine works by using compressed air instead of gasoline for fuel. It has a maximum speed of about 100km/h and a range of around 200-300 km per fuel charge, making it ideal for use within the city. Two types of engines are being proposed for the models, a single energy engine which works simply by using compressed air, and a dual energy engine, which works by combining compressed air for short trips and gasoline for longer trips.

In order to recharge the car, one can plug it into the mains system so that the internal pump can refill the compressed air tank, or by going to a purpose-built air-station. The Minicat and the Citycat are two of models being proposed for manufacturing with plans to expand towards pick-up trucks and even minivans. Via Ecogeek

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