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Taylor Cullity Lethlean created a journey through the various landscapes of Australia, welcoming intrepid visitors to try them all on for size in one fell swoop. The 170,000 plants representing 1700 species incorporated gives a real feel for the flora across the continent. The park spans 25 hectares in the small town of Cranbourne, highlighting both natural features of the Australian countryside and modern landscape design. The entire project, commissioned by the Royal Botanic Gardens, had a construction budget of $11 million and stage two was completed in 2012.

Artificial lakes and rivers weave their way throughout the diverse botanical garden, lined with trees, rocks and sculpted benches that invite visitors to take a rest and enjoy the views. The botanical garden campus fans out in an arch shape, with a central red desertscape in its center. The diverse landscapes emerge in points from the center, meeting the encircling path.

The award-winning botanic garden introduces locals to the wide array of Australian plants, and invites visitors to explore their relationship with the local landscape.

+ Taylor Cullity Lethlean

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