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Armed with a his fine-tipped pen and an uber-sharp pencil, Mazer gets to work using graph paper and a straight edge. Combining strokes of black pen and graphite, the artist creates realistic urban landscapes. Each drawing begins by taping off the small area meant for the picture plan, which ensures sharp, crisp lines around the image’s edges.

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Long alleyways with fire escapes and power lines, derelict buildings lit ominously at night, and billowy clouds set against cityscapes are rendered in beautiful detail. Although his pieces are in black and white, his carefully controlled use of shading makes each mini masterpiece seem rich with color, despite their monochromatic character. Each drawing pays tribute to forgotten or overlooked urban scenes, portraying lonely roads, empty structures and billboards in dark and haunting detail. Layering pencil and ink, many of the scenes are shown at night, with the blackness of evening created with a heavy hand.

With such an incredible attention to fine detail, its hard to believe that Mazer’s drawings are so small. The pocket-sized drawings capture architectural details, in just a few inches of paper.

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Via My Modern Met