Teenagers are known for their lavish morning rituals, and lengthy showers. When Australian Trevor Murphy saw his water bill skyrocketing on account of his daughter, he decided to create a device that would stop the shower after a certain amount of water had been used. His ingenious Aqualim requires no electrical parts and can be retrofitted to any existing showerhead.

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How much time do you take in the shower? How efficient is your shower head? These are questions that we often ask ourselves when thinking about water conservation. The Aqualim aims to encourage water efficiency by cutting lengthy showers short. After a particular volume of water has been used, the device first reduces the flow, and then shuts it off completely. In case you need more time to finish washing your hair, the Aqualim will reset once it has been shut off.

What is brilliant about the device is that it sets a standard for the amount of water used per shower, and it makes you conscious about that particular water use. Once the shower has been has been shut off, most people are unlikely to keep on showering. The folks behind Aqualim are currently conducting a survey to determine how much water is a reasonable amount to use while showering, so head to their website and let them know.

The device was recently featured in the Australian TV show, The New Inventors, where it won the 2009 Episode Award.

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