Tel Aviv is shooting for the stars with the world’s tallest LEGO tower. Technically, the 118-foot tower is made out of LEGO and other toy bricks, and the attempt isn’t sponsored by LEGO, like other towers have been. Instead, this tower is a playful way to honor an 8-year old cancer victim named Omer Sayag.

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Milan and Budapest have both made attempts at the world’s tallest LEGO tower, although both were in collaboration with LEGO. Tel Aviv’s tower is a collaboration between Tel Aviv City Hall and Young Engineers, a program that uses LEGO blocks to help teach kids engineering. Omer Sayang lost his battle to cancer in 2014, and his teachers, knowing how much he loved to build, started a petition to build what is being called Omer’s Tower.

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The tower stretches 117 feet 11 inches and required a half million toy bricks. Thousands of people collaborated to realize its construction, marking it with their team insignias and positive messages. The measurements were sent to Guinness and now the team is waiting for official confirmation that the tower is, in fact, the tallest ever, beating Milan by 35 inches.

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