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The idea for the RBMA music festival in Madrid was to create an inspiring space with superior acoustic properties that could be erected really quickly and then eventually dismantled without a trace. This is partly why the industrial warehouse was chosen as a venue: all of the infrastructure already existed and it was easy enough to install the various offices and studios, along with a host of plants and shrubbery, in its belly.

Sandbag walls were used for insulation – a great choice that supported the project’s aim of being a temporary construction that could be reused without being wasteful. The studios are comprised of small gabled wooden huts while the offices, lecture hall and other shared spaces are bright, colorful and defined by fun geometric patters on the roof. This wildly creative space allowed musicians from around the world collaborate on experimental music projects with all of the accoutrements available to an event with a longer lead time. And best of all, when the event was over, there was no trace of it – except in the hearts of those involved.

+ Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos

Photography by Miguel de Guzman and Luis Diaz Diaz