We’ve been eagerly following the progress of Terrafugia’s flying car here at Inhabitat – and the latest news from the company has us more excited than ever. Terrafugia is seeking $30 million in funding so that they can finally launch the flying vehicle by as soon as 2016. That means that within the next two years, the flying cars of science-fiction may finally be here!

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Terrafigia has been busy at work on two different flying vehicles over the past few years. The first is the Transition, which can fly 100 mph at 10,000 feet in the air. The other is the TF-X which is a hybrid vehicle that can fly at 200 mph. The Transition is ready to debut as soon as 2016, while the TF-X is still about a decade away from reality. The Transition took its first public flight just last year at a Wisconsin air show.

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The Transition comes with a price tag of $279,000 and 100 buyers have already put money down to get their hands on the vehicle once it is ready to fly. In order to drive one, the driver must have a pilot license, but before you run off to get flying lessons, the company says that they need about $30 million in addition to the $13 million it has already raised. The company believes that once it secures the funding, it is only a matter of time until the car can launch.

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Via Boston Business Journal and Gizmodo